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I am Maria Sykes, the Healthy Beauty guru. I am a firm believer that whatever you put into your mind is what comes out, be it in your hair, your skin, or your appearance. Over the course of my career I have mastered the ability to transform the heart of your beauty to a healthier you from the inside out so that you can love and appreciate the beauty that you're in. Within that process Relaxx Beauty Clinic was born, a place where you can come and relax and let your healthy beauty process begin.

I am your beauty therapist, Rii Sykes.
Tina manning

Mz. Tina
Master Barber & Loc Stylist

Ladies, I will cut your hair to fit your facial shape.  Short, long or in between you will be and feel beautiful.  Please enjoy an eyebrow arch with a razor, its ok you will only feel my fingertips, oh yes you may fall asleep some say it’s a little therapeutic.

Men enjoy your quiet time; it may be some jazz lightly whispering to match the tranquility in the room. You may only want a hair cut or shave.

I have been a lady barber stylist since 1999, its one of my passions and a God given talent. I hope to see you soon!!

 Natural Hair Stylist

I am a natural hair artist specializing in locs, twists, and braids. With 12 years of experience and knowledge, I offer my customers superior service and an unmatched creativity. Relaxx and let me use your natural textures to create something beautiful!


I’m a knowledgeable and certified professional esthetician with 11+ years experience. I’m very caring and honest toward my clients. My service doesn’t end once you’ve left my office—I’ll make sure to follow up on you and check how you’re doing. Call me today for a free consultation!

Lash Technician